My 5 Questions:

  1. What is your take on Snowden, Greenwald, the Guardian, and NSA surveillance?
  2. Did you support Paypal's decision to cut off funds directed to Wikileaks? Why or why not? Has your opinion on the matter changed since?
  3. In this Vanity Fair article, you say that your biggest mistake was relying too much on intelligence and not enough on personality. Could you describe the incident(s) that led you to this realization?
  4. Given China's rapidly expanding space program, do you think the US will attempt to catch up in the next decade? Do you think it's an issue of Congress or is it something else? Do you think war is the only motivator to send people to the Moon?
  5. What currently unavailable space technologies do you think will emerge in the next decade or two?
  6. Do you think the future of US space exploration lies in the hands of the government or in the hands of corporations? Which do you think is more ideal?
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